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The New R1 from

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Deliver up to 59 STC / 54 IIC with Rigid Technology

Win More Contracts

Pour 25% less material and deliver 59 STC / 53 IIC

Deliver Jobs Faster

Less Material =
Less Time Pouring and Curing

With Fewer Callbacks

Q-Seam Technology Assures Proper Installation

At Formulated Materials,
We Refuse To Rely on 40 Year Old Technologies

Rigid Sound Attenuating Mats Offer Considerable Advantages Over Their Outdated Monofilament Counterparts

The last 40 years have seen an incredible advancement in almost every area of construction. New materials and methods are continuously being developed to improve durability, increase performance, and lower construction costs. At Formulated Materials, our commitment to innovation goes beyond a desire to enhance outdated technologies.

We Are Driven To Deliver Better Solutions.

From the development of our patented fully-automated, self-batching Smart Batch Pump to our Elevation wood-framed balcony waterproofing system (9 million square feet installed with no leaks), we have remained committed to that innovation. This drive to improve existing technologies has led us to develop the New R1 Acoustical Underlayment, engineered to provide real-world performance beyond the testing facility.

The New R1 represents the next-generation of acoustical underlayments.

Pour 25% Less Material and Deliver 59 STC / 53 IIC

The New R1 Is 8-10x Stronger Than The Most
Commonly Specified Acoustical Mats

The New R1’s incredible deflection resistance and acoustical performance allow you to deliver required fire-rated protection and commonly specified acoustical performance using just 3/4″ of poured underlayment vs the 1″ required by the most commonly poured underlayments. Pouring 25% less material adds up fast when comparing delivered job costs.

The New R1 Is Priced Competitively Against The Most Commonly Specified Acoustical Mats

Premium performance often comes with a premium price tag, but the New R1 delivers this performance at a cost to you that is lower than the most commonly specified acoustical mats. This lower cost per square foot combined with the ability to pour 25% less underlayment gives you an advantage that allows you to bid competitively and profitably in an aggressively price-conscious market.

The new R1 deflects just .07" at 10,019pf2 (When tested per ASTM D1261). 

  Assembly Treadstone Underlayment Depth Finished Floor Covering STC IIC

18” Truss Joist, 24” O.C,
T&G Deck,
Single Layer Batt Insulation,
5/8” Ceiling Board

3/4″ LVT 59 53
Tile 54
Wood Laminate 54
1″ LVT 59 54
Tile 54
Wood Laminate 55

Full sound test data is available by contacting Formulated Materials.

Deliver Jobs Faster With Less Labor Investment

Drastically Reduce Labor Costs When Bidding

Not only does a 3/4″ pour cost less in the way of materials, consider the reduction in labor when mixing and pouring 25% less material per square foot on your next job. Using the New R1 with our proprietary Interlocking Seam Technology and pouring at 3/4″, the cost advantages add up quickly:

  • Faster Acoustical Mat Installation

  • Reduced Labor For Each Square Foot Poured

  • Increased Square Foot per Mobilization

  • Reduced Wear and Tear on Your Team

  • Reduced Wear and Tear On Your Equipment

Speed Installation And Reduce Callbacks

Introducing Q-Seam Technology

The New R1 utilizes our new Q-Seam Technology. This advancement ensures proper alignment of seams during underlayment installation.

Q-Seam addresses one of the most common issues resulting in callbacks after an underlayment pour: cracks and failures along the seams of the acoustical mat below caused by improper taping during installation. If these seams are not matched perfectly, every gap between abutted pieces of underlayment is an opportunity for failure as the weight of the pour will push these down. These valleys destroy acoustical performance and lead to premature floor failure. R1’s innovative Q-Seam Technology addresses this issue by ensuring each seam is tightly overlapped and fastened during installation.

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At Formulated Materials, we understand the decision to change material providers is not one made in a few minutes based on the information shared on a web page, it’s a decision that requires an ongoing conversation, understanding, and commitment. 

If you are interested in learning more about the unique advantages offered to you by the full line of Elevation® and Treadstone® Products, please take moment and complete the form shared here. A Formulated Materials representative will contact you soon to begin that conversation. 

We look forward to hearing from you!