Drain Mat Function & Installation

For the last decade sub concrete drainage mats have been considered an optional upgrade with Elevated Balcony and Breezeway Waterproofing Systems.  Most Architects and Waterproofing Consultants agree that these mats are an upgrade, but for many, no longer optional.  When considering the extensive water infiltration research over the last 20 years, the conclusion for most experts is that a permanent and reliable drainage space (drainage plane) between the waterproofing membrane and concrete is the only way to provide an efficient and effective drainage plane.

To help elevate the wood framed multifamily industry, Formulated Materials is introducing Elevation DM1 Drain Mat.  Elevation DM1 is a low profile drain mat designed to create a sub-concrete drainage plane for quick and efficient removal of water from the balcony or breezeway.  DM1 is made using a UV stabilized polyolefin bonded to a polypropylene filter fabric, providing a protective barrier for the waterproofing membrane and an additional layer of water protection.

Installation of DM1 is fast and simple.  Once the waterproofing system is installed and flood tested (recommended quality control program for all Formulated Materials Dealers), simply loose lay DM1 over the surface making sure edges are as close to the balcony walls as possible, and that all DM1 seams fit tight to gather, use overlap flap with butyl strip to seal seams, when overlap flap is unavailable, seal seams with an approved tape.  When terminating at the T-bar nailer flange, install DM1 a 1/4″ from the flange and bridge gap with Elevation L Flash 4″ waterproof reinforcement tape, eliminating leaks and reinforcing the union between two dissimilar materials where cracking of the finished concrete is a concern.

For more information or recommendations refer to our Elevation DM1 Technical Data Sheet or contact us.